My name is Dania Ellingson. Or Dani. It's kind of a long story, but you can call me whichever you prefer.

I am a newlywed, and am, logically, of the opinion that my husband is the best man in the entire world. He is my best friend, and every day I'm grateful to have him by my side. (Cheesy, I know. But hey, it's love.) We are both going to school and have a good little while until we are done, but it's a wonderful journey to be on.

I love to hike, run, laugh, and live life as it comes. For years now, I have believed that one of my life's greatest joys is stepping down ever-so-slowly on crunchy leaves strewn across the sidewalk, and if you ever want to make me happy, all you have to do is give me some peanut butter.

But I guess if you really want to get to know me, you can follow our adventures as they're posted here.

Welcome aboard, kids!

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